Portable power when you need it the most: jump start your car, power your laptop, and take charge. Instantly jump-start gasoline and diesel engines with Start-All’s powerful, compact lithium-ion battery. Simultaneously charge electronics, power electric tools, and equipment, and stay safe with emergency lighting capable of SOS and strobe functions. With the Start • All® Lithium-Ion Jump Starter & Power Pack, don’t fear the unknown.

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  • Jump start a car (gasoline or diesel), RV, boat, or off-road vehicle
  • Simultaneously charge USB electronics like cell phones, digital cameras, and tablets
  • Power equipment like a laptop, generator, or tools with the convenient AC plug-in
  • Stay safe with 500 lumens of LED emergency lighting, including SOS and strobe emergency functions.
Start•All Jump•Pack®
2500A • 12V • 33300 3S
Ideal for smaller passenger vehicles
Only 4.4lbs
Protect-All Safety Technology
Startability Instantly jump starts 6-liter gasoline engines and up to 4-liter diesel engines
Part number JP-12-2500-001
Dimensions 8.5” L x 3.5” W x 9.5” H
Unit Weight 4.4lbs (2.04 kg)
BatteryType High output premium lithium-ion
Capacity 59.2 Watt-hours (59,200mWH)
Joules 33300
Amps 2500A (<200ms)
Storage Temperature 40ºF to 75ºF; 4ºC to 24ºC (optimal)
Built-in Protect-all® safety Reverse Polarity, low voltage protection, short circuit, overheat protection, over-discharge protection
Warranty One year
Outputs Integrated jumper cables, (1) AC Outlet, (4) USB Adapters, (1) 12VDC Power Socket, (2) 6-mm power jacks
Light 500 lumens